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Every project is different, please contact me with details about your project and we can work together on budgeting.

Studio or indoor, short or quick. There are several different options to work with.

Up to two hours of shooting in your home or in my studio, gallery will be available for viewing around two weeks later.

Studio newborn sessions are best for families with young children, as it is a small space and not much entertainment.

Images are purchased individually.

Up to one hour of shooting at an outdoor location, gallery will be available for viewing around two weeks later.

Indoor sessions can be arranged by special circumstance.

Studio sessions are available for families of 4 and less.

Images are purchased individually.

email for a quote

ranges between: $150-$450

shooting fee: $200

shooting fee: $165

REquest a price list

Beauty & simplicity in little details


Unhurried, without pretense or script. During our shoot, I seek to witness what’s already there: a genuine connection, real laughter, that little sparkle that shows in the eyes. That magic comes through in an image when you’re relaxed and forget that I’m there.


All the brilliance of life, in photographic form.


We meet where your life happens. Your porch. Your park. Your hangouts. A pretty park.

Families, here’s what to expect the day of your portrait session:


Remember, life is messy and beautiful. With some sessions, all of the stars are aligned and the day goes off without a hitch. But other years the kids don't nap, your toddler throws a fit because they can't wear their Mickey Mouse boots, or a parent has a broken wrist. Those are some of my favorite sessions. I love mishaps and quirky little things that happen during a photoshoot that really seal in those memories. And sometimes I can’t resist and those outtakes may end up in your gallery for (only) you to see. In short, bring the people you care about and be ready for whatever weather the sky and the day gives us–the important parts will show up in your photos.

Family Sessions

What is lifestyle photography?

This simply means less formal and more movement. There is still some staging involved, but we are still able to create a little more of a natural look. I want to capture your family as you really are – but at your best.

When do sessions take place?

Portrait sessions take place on Tuesdays, Thursdays or Fridays.

Do you offer sessions on the weekends?

Weekends are not available for portrait sessions, with the exception of newborn sessions and weather reschedules.

Where do sessions take place?

After booking, I will ask you a series of questions to determine the best place based on your vision.

Location is not as important as you think, lighting is. A lot of people get really stressed out about finding a new place to shoot every year. Sometimes we can shoot in the same places but different times of year and have a totally new look. As long as are looking for good lighting, we can shoot almost anywhere.

I also have a small “life-inspired” shooting space that has a bed in it for families of 4 and less.

What is a session fee and why don’t you have packages?

A session fee is a small fee that covers my time, editing, and talent.

By charging the small fee up front, you are able to look at your photos and decide afterwards the type of products you want to include instead of being forced into packages with products you don’t need.

How much editing do you do?

My general philosophy with editing is if it’s temporary (acne, scratches, bruises), it will get removed. If it is permanent (moles, freckles, smile lines), it stays.

My main goal is to make sure you look like you, but at your best. Too much editing can really take away from beautiful images. Plus, other people will notice too!

What should I wear?

Once you book, I can help you with a clothing selection based on location and your taste.

Do you offer digital images?

Yep! Just like other products, these are an option that you can add to your session.

How far in advanced should I book my session?

In the spring and summer. give yourself about two-month window before the desired session date.

My fall schedule books up extremely fast. Start thinking about fall dates in July and email me right away.

I typically don’t book sessions further than 2-3 months in advanced.

How long does it take to get my photos?

You can expect your images in no more than 2 weeks. Your gallery will have fully edited images in them, and that just takes a little bit of time.

When is the best time of year to have our photos done?

This is totally a personal preference. I personally love late summer sessions, but a lot of people love spring and fall.

If you don’t care about fall colors, I suggest shooting in the summer. The weather is way more predicable. We tend to shoot early in the morning or later in the evening for these sessions. This helps beat the heat and we often have beautiful lighting.

If you’re looking for pretty flowers, spring to early summer is the best for this.

If you love fall foliage, I would aim for 3rd week in October to 1st week in November. Keep in mind that the later we shoot in the fall, the more unpredictable the weather is. We typically end up with a little more overcast that time of year.

Snow? Good luck. Some years we have lots, some years none. January is our best chance of having a snow session.

When should I schedule my maternity session?

f it is your first baby, I’d suggest around 8 months (32 weeks) and if it isn’t your first, around 7 months.

First time pregnancies tend to take longer for that little bump to pop out, though everyone is different.

Newborn Session

When should I schedule my newborn session?

To secure a spot in my schedule, I recommend contacting me around your 7th month of pregnancy.

Babies come when they want, how do you schedule newborn sessions?

We will still want to put your due date down on the calendar. I know that babies come when they feel like it, but it’s always good for me to have an idea when to expect their arrival.

What do I do when the baby is born?

As soon as you get a chance, email me. We will want to get you on the schedule as soon as possible. The ideal range is between 1-3 weeks after birth.

Do you do the photos where we pose the baby and put them in little baskets?

No. I prefer a natural look and feel. I want to document the first few weeks of the baby’s life when you are just staring at your sweet bundle while snuggling on the bed, the couch, or any other areas of the home.

While I don’t think those creatively posed photos are bad, it is just not my style. I’m happy to recommend several photographers who specialize in this style.

Is the session only with the baby?

Nope! We will do a few family photos as well as individuals of the baby.

Where will the newborn session take place?

Newborn sessions can take place in your home or in my small studio.

Shooting in your home gives you comfort and all the resources you need, especially if you have other children.

Or, if you don’t like the look and feel of your bedroom, my space is always an option. I have it set up in a cozy white space with a bed in the downtown area. This setup is not recommended if you have small children – the sessions take a while and there is minimal entertainment for them.

How long does the session take?

Plan for 2 hours. Though it doesn’t always take this long, you never know. Some babies require a little more attention and this allows for that. We may have to stop for feeding or changing, and this gives us enough time.

Can I send you my Pinterest board so we can do a bunch of those shots?

Please send me your board, but I won’t promise to do those photos.

I love to look to see your style and get a feel for your vision. Every situation and family is different and recreating those shots can be extremely difficult.

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