Boise Family Photographer

Real. Relaxed. Natural.

Hi, I’m Tamara

(Yes, appropriately, my name rhymes with camera.)

I live in a cozy pocket of Boise’s Northend in a quaint 1950’s home.
I specialize in lifestyle family photography because I want to capture your family as you really are – but at your best.

My Services

Boise Family Photo Locations

I’ve made a list of my favorite family photo locations in Boise and the greater Treasure Valley.

Why Work With Me


I strive to create a relaxed atmosphere where my clients can truly be themselves. With a friendly demeanor and easygoing nature, I foster genuine connections and capture authentic moments with ease. Laughter is encouraged, making the session feel more like a fun adventure than a formal photo shoot.


I am dedicated to tailoring each session to reflect your individuality and style. I love collaborating with clients and brainstorming ideas together to create something truly special. With me, you can expect a session filled with creativity, excitement, and a commitment to making your vision come to life.


While I’ll offer direction, I leave plenty of room for spontaneity and life to unfold organically, precisely like it should. My sessions delicately balance guided poses and raw, organic moments to reveal your true self. Together, we’ll capture unique and imaginative shots that reflect your personality and individual spirit.

Next Steps


Schedule Your Session

We will come up with a date and time that works best for your needs.


Pay Your Session Fee

No Packages. It is a build-your-own package system. The session fee is due at the time of booking and the rest comes later.


Session Time

Happy session day! Your photos will be available for viewing about 2 weeks after the session date.


Order Your Images

Once you recieve your online gallery, you’ll have 2 weeks to make photo selections. Your will be able to choose between wall art, prints, books, and digital images.


Boise Family Session Prep Guide

Not sure what to wear? Wondering which location in Boise will be best for your family session? I’ve put together a helpful guide that answers all of these questions and more!


Instead of forcing you into buying a photo package with products you don’t need, I let you build your own package based on your families needs!

Frequently Asked Questions

This simply means less formal and more movement. There is still some staging involved, but we are still able to create a little more of a natural look. I want to capture your family as you really are – but at your best.

After booking, I will ask you a series of questions to determine the best place based on your vision.

Location is not as important as you think, lighting is. A lot of people get really stressed out about finding a new place to shoot every year. Sometimes we can shoot in the same places but different times of year and have a totally new look. As long as we are looking for good lighting, we can shoot almost anywhere.

This is totally a personal preference. I personally love late summer sessions, but a lot of people love spring and fall. If you don’t care about fall colors, I suggest shooting in the summer. The weather is way more predictable. We tend to shoot early in the morning or later in the evening for these sessions. This helps beat the heat and we often have beautiful lighting.

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Once you book, I can help you with a clothing selection based on location and your taste.

Get In Touch

If you’re looking for a photographer and you connect with my work, I would love to hear from you!

Why I Became A Family Photographer in Boise

Boise is home: It’s where I attended college, launched my professional photography career more than a decade ago, and became a mother. It is here–in our foothills, beside our river, throughout our vibrant neighborhoods–that my personal life unfolds. In turn, it’s where I raise my camera and capture the moments, people, and places that are important to you.

Boise Family Photo Locations

My favorite places in Boise to plan a family session

The Family Session Prep Guide

Everything you need to know before your Boise family session

Newborn Session Prep Guide

Everything you need to know before your newborn session

Prepping for your Professional Headshots

How to look and feel your best for your Professional headshots