Newborn Session Prep Guide

Boise Newborn Session Prep Guide

Whew, having a baby is A LOT. Planning a newborn session will feel so daunting.

To help, I have put together some helpful tips for preparing for your newborn session. Don’t stress
over all the details, these are just a few things that have proven to be pretty helpful in preparation.


Think about 2-4 weeks of the baby being born. If the baby is full-term, healthy, and mom is doing well, I prefer to photograph in the second week or so. During this this time the baby is still very sleepy and will cooperate a little better (famous last words).

However, if the baby was born under 8lbs, I will want to set a slightly later date to have a baby that will sleep better during their session (has to do with their ability to regulate body temperature). I’ve found in the 8lbs range is that happy weight.

10am-11am start times seem to work best for babies and for lighting in homes. If you have a toddler at home, we will work around the first morning’s nap.

Plan on the session taking around 2 hours. The younger the baby the less likely chance we willneed all 2 hours, but I still recommend it to avoid any stress. If we are photographing a young sibling as well, it will likely run the full 2 hours. We like to leave plenty of time for extra feedings, diaper changes, and expected bouts of crankiness.

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