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A couple days ago I was browsing the web in efforts to avoid working out and came across a great article about scheduling and planning your own wedding. It got me thinking. 

In THIS blog entry, I wrote about hiring a wedding planner/coordinator. The reason being, they can help keep the flow of the day so that your guests aren’t waiting and everything goes smoothly. To be totally honest this makes your vendor’s lives much easier (even down to the caterer and dj).  Not to mention it also saves you from having to pay any extra to those vendors who may have to stay longer than originally contracted if you fall behind schedule. 

However, hiring a planner isn’t always in the budget and that’s okay. I came across an excellent article written by Elizabeth Clayton that can help plan out those events. I still recommend putting someone in charge (an aunt, mother, grandparent) who can help execute this schedule. 


It used to be a 3-piece article but it has been condensed down to a single article. She seriously lines out everything you could possibly need to consider. Everything she talks about is exactly what I would tell you during the planning process. 

Part 1:



Why am I posting about this? Well, depending on the wedding package you choose with me, you may have different time constraints. Some may be shorter and some may be longer. These types of considerations can help you decide which events you prefer your photographer (me) to capture. Or it may help you realize you need to have me there for longer. Either way, these articles cover almost every type of wedding scenario out there. 

Did you find something that might be missing from the article? Add it to the comments section, I would love to hear your thoughts. 


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