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Every year I give the speech about the digital age and printing. But I’m going to quickly give it again. 

I offer digital files with all my wedding options. I enjoy doing that and feel like it is a great way to get the complete story from your day. With the digital age of sharing, there’s no running away from it. I wanted the digitals from my wedding and I know that most couples want the same. 

However, I am a HUGE advocate in having a tangible piece from your wedding day (and honestly even any big event in your life that you choose to have documented). It took me 3 years to order my own wedding album and it was too long. Now that we have it, it sits on my coffee table and almost every person who sits on my couch looks through it. I always feel so proud when people look at it and remember how much fun we had that day.

In 20 years my CD might not work. Or my computer might crash or some magical event may get rid of those digital files. Sure, I have a few photos printed around the house (not many from the wedding day but maybe one or two). I would have been so mad at myself for not having any other photo left from my wedding if something did happen. I do have all my digital images backed up but you never know! 

I always tell clients it’s a must-have. Even if that means you wait a year after you’re married so that it’s a little easier on the pocketbook. Either way, GET ONE! You won’t regret it! 

I even print every vacation in a hard-cover book to keep on the fireplace mantle. I may be 3 vacations behind but I do it within a year or so. 

Okay, now I can move on. Every year I order an album that I can share with couples when we meet up to talk about their wedding. This year I’ve decided to add a new option and I’m in love with it. Almost enough to want to re-do my own album and order one of these too. But I will refrain. 

My album from last year is 10×10, which is a great size. I also offer a larger option but didn’t have a physical copy to share with clients. Oh boy, I have one now. This one is the crème de la crème at 12×12. When you open that baby up it’s 24″ of pure beauty. 

See for yourself…








And to give you a better idea of size, here it is side by side to a regular open magazine. Giant! 


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