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This is why: 



I will be the first to admit that I love wood design in homes. I love hardwood floors, old wood decor, and anything else in between. 

While deciding the prints I wanted to hang in my office I had to ask myself the type of stuff I would want for my own home. Unique pieces. Stuff that you cant really get anywhere else. 

Of course my first thought was definitely wood prints. Not every photo looks good on wood, but I realized most of my clientele choose outdoor locations, therefore most photos would look good.

You might recognize the image above. It was my timeline photo on my Facebook page for a while. I love the simplicity of it. The fact that most of the image is the tree made it a perfect candidate for wood print.  

Would you believe that this is a 30″x40″ print? To give you a better idea: 


And to give you a few up-close glimpses: 



I also ordered a few smaller wood pieces: 


And one more printed on burlap:


This post is getting lengthy but one last note. Some people have a hard time deciding what size they should have an image printed. The idea of an 12″x18″ or 11″x14″ might sound giant, but once you get it on the wall you realize how small they really are.

While I had all of my samples in one place, I wanted to give some perspective. Note the middle image is actually a metal print. I’ll be showing those on the blog tomorrow.  


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