Down to Business Mini-Sessions | October 2018

Wait, WHAT?!

I know, this is the first time I’ve done fall minis in a million years. 

I have a lot of clients who come to me every year to book their annual family session, only some of them don’t need a full blown session. They really just want a handful of traditional family photos to send out in a holiday card. No candids, no running around, just quick and dirty (sometimes literally because it’s the rainy time of year).

That’s why I decided to call these Down to Business Minis.

To answer a few questions about how these will work…

Who are these mini-sessions for?

  • Families of 5 members or less.

  • Clients that have booked with me several years in a row, so their kids know me fairly well.

  • Families with older kids.

  • Families who don’t need more than a handful of shots, which will be more posed and traditional style.

Who are these mini-sessions NOT for?

  • Families with more than 5 members (you will want to book a full session, trust me).

  • New clients (it’s really hard to shoot in a short period of time if I we haven’t worked together before – there is a reason my families look comfortable and relaxed in their sessions)

  • Families with more than one child under the age of 5

  • Families who need lots of variety/posing/locations

If you think you might be an exception to these rules, shoot me an email ( and we can discuss.


October 20th rain or shine. If the weather is out of control, we will use the 21st as the alternate day. There might be a November date that opens up depending on how these go. 

What if I’ve already scheduled a session?

Book your mini spot immediately (so that you can get the spot you want) and email me. I will take your other session off the calendar. If you’ve paid for it, I will send you a refund.

Where will we shoot?

MK Nature Center: 600 South Walnut Boise, Idaho 83712

When will I see my images?

Around two weeks after the session I should have a finished gallery for you to view. 

How much?

$80 for the session fee which includes 20 minutes of shooting, images will be purchased a la carte based on my regular 2018 price list. 

These sessions will book quickly but if you have any questions, email me!

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