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A few days ago I was scrolling through some vacation photos because I wanted to update my Facebook timeline photo. I came across this photo below. 

This was taken while traveling in Dublin, Ireland. We were at a stoplight on the bus and I looked out my window. It was beautiful; the rain on the glass created a watercolor-like filter. I pulled out the first camera that I get my hands on because we didn’t have much time before the light turned green. It just so happened to be my cell phone. 

I wanted to focus on the streaks and not the building itself and I had just enough time to pull it off. Like every other cell phone photographer, I decided to plug the image into Instagram and post it up. 

Fast-forward to this week. I decided to use this photo as my Facebook timeline. After looking at it for a while I realized this print would look really awesome on metal. I’ve almost exceeded the wall space in my house but knew I could find a place for it, so I only printed it at 16×16. We found the perfect place in our office and it looks so good. The light from the window reflects perfectly and you can really see the raindrops on the window. 

The scariest part was signing the bottom! 

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