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I did it! I have a shooting space!

After some soul searching this winter I decided it was finally time to expand a little bit. I signed a lease for a bigger office so that I could do a little shooting in there as well.

I’m calling it the minimalist studio because it’s just that, minimal. It’s white and just big enough to fit a queen-sized bed with some walking room.  

Why a queen-sized bed? When I do in-home sessions I almost always shoot in the master bedroom. I love the casual look and feel of shooting in there but not all homes are created equal. I wanted to be able to create a nice and bright look that could be recreated over and over again.

I won’t be doing normal studio work in this space. It will be specifically for fun and causal families on the bed, headshots, and boudoir. I don’t plan on shooting traditional studio portraits in there but may on occasion do some fun events that will be different than just shooting on the bed. For everything else we will still be shooting outside and I will still be doing in-home sessions for those who prefer I come to them. This just opens up a few more options. 

Here is a peek into what sessions in my Minimalist Studio will look like. These were some pajama sessions I’m doing. 

Stay tuned for a some fun events I’m going to announce in the next few weeks/months!



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