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As much as I would like to take credit for that hashtag, it was actually put together by a photographer that I have followed and admired for years. Sue Bryce is a knowledgable and well-respected photographer in the industry and has started a small movement about being in photos even if you don’t think you feel good enough to be in front of the camera. 

I could go into what she says, but it’s better if you hear it from her:

After watching that video I decided I wanted to do something different for Mother’s Day this year.

Last week, I did a little Facebook and Twitter poll asking parents why they may or may not be in photos. Most of the responses were from moms saying they weren’t in the photos because they are usually the ones taking the photos. 

This year I’ve decided to do a set of Mother’s Day Minis to give moms an opportunity to #existinphotos.

All of the mini-sessions I’ve done in the past have been at an outdoor location, but I wanted to use my shooting space and create a beautiful and intimate look. 

These sessions will be simple, snuggly and sweet. 

They may get a little wild and silly. 


But most of all, they will be a stamp in time for moms and their kids. Something you will look back on and think, “They were so little!”


May 27th and June 11th 


My shooting space in Downtown Boise.


30min sessions w/$75 credit




Due to space and time constraint, I cannot accommodate more than 3 kids with one parent. These sessions are designed for moms with younger kids, as we will be shooting on a queen-sized bed. My recommendation is ages 8 and younger. These are not sessions to get crazy with outfits, they are supposed to be cozy and real.

Questions? Contact me. 

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