Best time of year to schedule family photos in Boise

Best Season in Boise for Family Photos

One of the biggest thing on families’ minds is the time of year to book family photos. I’ve put together some ideas on how to make a decision on time of year


The biggest benefit to booking spring is… flowers! This is the time of year that we all start to feel alive again, and so does nature. Spring shares a variety of pastel colors and lush green landscaping. It can be great for those who have consistently had their photos done in the fall and really want to change up the look.

Spring requires a lot of flexibility, as we really are at the mercy of mother nature. In previous years we’ve had temps in the 70s as early as March, or we’ve and cold and rainy weather into June. There’s really no telling what we might experience from year to year.

In the spring, we generally will start evening sessions around 7pm. Outdoor morning sessions usually start in June around 9-9:30am.


Summer is my personal favorite time of year for family photos. Not only because we have the gorgeous golden skies and less rain, but it provides a ton of flexibility for families with school-aged kids. This time of year is wonderful because we can schedule a morning session without worrying about about pulling kids out of school. This also offers some flexibility if you have family coming in from out of town would like to do an extended family session.

Another perk is there are a lot less reschedules due to illness this time of year.

In the summer, we start family sessions around 9:00am in the morning or 8pm in the evening. Depending on the location, we can be a little flexible with families with small kids.

Summer might not be right for your family if you can only do an evening session and are sensitive to heat. Otherwise, there are not a lot of cons to booking this time of year.


This is a crowd favorite. As you can imagine, this is the busiest time of year for family portraits. Not only are the colors changing, but families are starting to think about the holidays which usually includes a holiday card to send out. The biggest reason to book fall is for the dynamic colors and the cooler weather (although in Idaho it can really go either way).

One thing to consider when booking this time of year I have signifncatly less flexibility for sickness reschedules and weather related disruptions. Once those leaves fall, there is no turning back. Weather can be rainy and cold, or it can be perfect and clear.

I also have a lot less availability this time of year because I offer pre-booking to my clients that purchased their full gallery the year before. By the time my schedule opens to the general public, there may not be a ton of openings.

My recommendation for fall is to consider doing it every few years. It offers a ton of variety in the looks of your photos each year, and it helps reduce the stress of booking or weather.

During this time of year we usually start morning sessions around 10am and evening sessions between 5-6pm.

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