Headshot Preparation & Style Guide

Whether it’s your first time or your 10th time, having some guidelines to prepare for your headshot can help you feel your best which will show through in your photos.


  • Stick with solid colors – black tends to photograph very well. Stay away from bright colors (outside of white), as these tend to shine the color of the shirt onto your face.
  • Make sure your clothing fits properly
  • If you must wear a pattern, keep it very simple.
  • Don’t be too selective or seasonal.
  • Bring a few casual shirts, formal shirts, and a blazer or two. We can layer if needed.
  • Make sure that clothing is ironed and pressed before the shoot. Wrinkles in clothing cannot be photoshopped out.
  • LINT ROLL! Black photographs wonderfully but it also really shows lint, I have a lint roller but do your best to get as much off before the shoot.
  • Don’t worry about shoes, they do not show in studio headshots
  • Be consious of shirts that may be too low cut, this can distract from the subject in the photo.
  • Short-sleeved is okay, but try to shy away from sleeveless, as arms tend to look bigger in phoots.
  • Make sure you feel AMAZING in your clothing. If it doesn’t fit perfectly, try something else. Feel free to email me your outfits if you’re unsure.

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